Favorite of the Weekend!

After perusing some blogs this evening I thought it would be fun to start a weekend favorite column. I enjoy seeing what other bloggers choose to select as favorites and thought I would like to make mention of my own.

Tonight I was looking through some etsy forums and discovered the FotoFairy.
Of course, I was drawn in by her main theme - nature.
Then I was further lured into her shop due to her sense of composition.
Next, I was attracted to the artist's contrast between striking colors and stark chiaroscuro.
And finally, I adored her knack of capturing every day objects in a striking manner which makes the subject more interesting and introspective.
Looking at the world through this artist's lens makes you realize beauty surrounds you.
Have a look at Tara Allen's etsy shop at www.TheFotoFairy.etsy.com. Be sure to read her profile, it won't disappoint.