Stumbling through blog land

I suppose that one's first blog is expected to be awful so I am just going to jump in. Blogging for me will be about daily life, this revolves around making jewelry, enjoying artisans handmade objects -especially on etsy, obsessing over detail (jeweler's habit), loving nature, being inspired by nature and having too many ideas to ever possibly make.

I am preparing for my second open market in Providence, RI which is on 13.June. (For more information on this see: Last week I started some new work that will be more of a limited series than I have been working on as of late. Today I am going to try to remember to take some photos of the work in progress, it seems to me that a jewelers work is always a mystery to most. No one understands the raw materials, tools, techniques... It comes from something foreign and the results are generally beautiful. Really, I am amazed with the fact that most jewelers start off with the same materials and have an end product that is so distinctly different from the next piece of jewelry. But I guess this is the same for most art genres.
I am going to be leaving the limited edition series behind for today, maybe the week, to continue working on my production work which makes me feel more complete at the end of the day. It is a sure way to leave the studio with numerous finished pieces. The more unique, art work is fulfilling from an artist point of view but takes far longer to work out the problem solving and doesn't seem to fit into the open market inventory right now.
So, off I go to work with materials that will remind me of nature whilst I am working away in my basement studio without a window.