Works in Progress

I have always thought it important to see the behind the scenes work of an artist. So, I thought I would post some pictures of works in progress that I have. These pieces are what I go back to when I have caught up with my production work for the Open Markets. I may not see them again for a while but I will share them just the same.

Here are my sketches with different leaf shapes and ideas for decorating them. I included the raw materials to give an idea of how this image made it from pencil on paper to silver. In the sketch you can see that I have added a small "dew drop" which I plan on using tubing to recreate, hence the pieces of tubing I am looking at to decide the size of the droplet.

The plan is that I will make quite a few of these leaves and I want to make them all about the same shape so I am trying to make notes on the size of the square wire that I use before making the curves. As you can see the leaf on the top is the closest to the drawing so I have some practice to put in before getting this shape down to a science.

Ultimately, this will be a lariat necklace. I am still playing around with the final design but I am leaning towards having multiple leaves on one end. The opposing end will have one leaf which you put the other end of the necklace through. Hard to visualize, I haven't sketched it yet, for now I have a vivid picture in my head.

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