Favorite of the Weekend... a few days late

I spent Sunday under my white tent at the Boston Open Market. I could hear vendors telling potential customers where they were from and what college they attended. I started to realize just how small of a world it is. I travel over an hour to get to Boston and figured others may travel this far but not necessarily from the same direction. I was wrong, right across from me was a ceramics artist who went to the same college as I did and the photographer next to me lives about twenty minutes away. All of these connections stuck with me while I conducted my weekly etsy search for my "weekend favorite." I used the shop local option to see which etsy artisans were right under my nose. I discovered so many that I think this will keep me covered for the next few months. However, still remembering the heat of yesterday as I tried to sell my jewelry I decided to choose designer135's shop. Can you guess why?

This tank top looks so glamorous. Just what I need to stay cool in my tent and attract attention!

Or maybe a lighter color with flowing material would have been better? And the addition of pearls adorning the metallic rosettes would have matched my jewelry wonderfully!

This denim ruffle would have gone nicely with the long jean shorts I wore. This girl can't resist color, especially when it replicates the color of a rose so beautifully.

In New England we can't forget that days under the tent will get cooler. For those days I will keep this t-shirt in mind. Did you think a t-shirt could be so elegant?

Visit Mimi's Designs for more styles as this is a mere introduction. With over 25 years experience, she certainly has more than this up her sleeve.