Favorite of the Weekend!

As a lover of nature I found myself immediately drawn to Hightower Botanicals' etsy shop. Not only is her jewelry beautifully detailed but it is photographed in the earthen mulch, the very place that her subjects sprout from.

The detail captured in the casting of an oregano leaf is stunning, as is the gold she cast it in.

A perfect example of art and the inspiration behind it's creation.

As someone who loves writing descriptions of my work I appreciate another artist with the same passion.
"Rememberance, friendship and love all have been associated with rosemary. So what better to make into a ring? Two interwoven Rosemary leaves form this elegant ring."
Might I add, these would make for perfect wedding bands.

Isn't this the very place that one would expect to come upon a maple seed?

And here begins further exploration of the maple seed. From it's perfect recognizable self to...
...a surprising composition in a ring.
With this, we realize that nature is a never ending subject. It causes one to contemplate, wonder and inspire awe.

This is just an introduction, browse Hightower Botanial's shop and read her profile to find out where her name came from. And take the time to read the descriptions of each piece. You will discover more than beautiful jewelry, behind it there is an amazing artist who truly loves her subject.