Favorite of the Weekend!

A long time ago I stumbled upon an etsy shop selling clutches and coin purses. I rediscovered this shop all over again while going through my favorites and fell deeply in love all once again. There is something so attractive about the clutch, maybe it is nostalgia, seeing photographs of a time which seemed more glamorous and playful or maybe I am attracted to an idea foreign to me, going and with bare essentials, only what is needed for a fun, relaxing time.

This clutch is so elegant with the pleated ribbon detail and subtle feminine fabric. Perfect accessory for a strapless cocktail dress. Or is the dress the accessory in this case?

The play on colors in this fabric is luscious. Contrasting blue with orange is flirty while the pleats are reminiscent of a classic clutch. An irresistible combination.

Memories of my grandmothers immediately arise when I see this classic coin purse. Digging for the exact change seems to very retro. Maybe we should try it on for size instead of being too busy to bother? And don't we all miss seeing these familiar brass frames which make a small click as they are closed?

A matching set in retro colors is irresistible. Seeing chartreuse green and turquoise blue brings back fond memories. This palette never gets old, in fact I believe it gets better with age.

With this material we are reminded just how glamorous the clutch is, a Parisian flight schedule. References to Paris and a jet set lifestyle just can't get more glamorous.

Let's not forget about the nights out with the girls. Getting gussied up, feeling special, celebrating friendship are all reasons to pull out this style clutch. A modern print for memories being made today.

I must mention, the interior has not been forgotten. Gorgeous colors have been carefully chosen to accentuate the exterior fabric. A pleasure to look in. No detail has been over looked, even the pockets are exquisitely made.

And one of my favorites, olive green with a turquoise bird and red Japanese flower equals smitten. I am thinking I need this one for a night out in Newport. So, here is the last glimpse, but there is much more to see at: http://Ikestaedt.etsy.com

Did I mention that she will make special orders for bridal parties? A wonderful gift for those ladies who have taken great care to make your wedding perfect.