Favorite of the Weekend!

I made a short trip to aquidneck island on Friday for an eye appointment and the trip wasn't enough for me. Newport is normally an escape, a place of respite, a lovely island home to friends I enjoy visiting, filled with beautiful sites and the smell of the ocean all around you.
I utilized my favorite new tool on etsy "shop local" to get my fill of Newport, finishing what I started on Friday. This time I viewed familiar sights of my small state through another artist's eyes, leisurely, just the way I enjoy taking in Newport.

As a child, a ride into Newport meant seeing fascinating windmills causing me to stare out the car window, just waiting to catch a glimpse of the massive blades in motion. Year after year, I sadly watched them fall apart. This photograph has re-captured my memories with the glare of the sun causing me to squint my eyes as I struggle to take in the awe of the simple machine which seemed to carry out complex duties under it's shell.

I love the antiquated look of this photo, an old, fuzzy memory of Newport. The colors are vivid but some details are blurred over time.

The artist describes the technique she uses to evoke the feeling of a memory through her photographs: "This photograph was taken using the TtV method which employs shooting your digital camera through the lens of a fixed focus camera, like a Kodak Duaflex. The result is a square picture with a signature black border."

SchuGirl carefully captures images through different techniques, causing a variety of emotions to surface while keeping the subject similar.
picture perfect Newport, made vivid, a memory brought to life.

another picture perfect Newport, clouded with fond memories.
We can choose to keep our memories fresh or hazy, either way they are lovely.

I just love these flower shots, details of our port coming to life in the Spring, likely to be overlooked by tourists but to a resident it is vital to see new life spring forth.
There are winters so dreadfully long, when you finally see spring it seems like a dream. SchuGirl captures this burst of life with the gleam of the season's bright sun shining on her subjects. The close cropping of the flowers remind us of the first blooms we discover. We all have an urge to get up close and take in the smell of a poppy or blow really hard on the puff balls emerging from the grass.

There is fun to be had in Newport even if the ocean is cold and the sky is overcast.
Take a ride on some swings, enjoy being carefree. Feel the sun on your shoulders, kick your feet in the sand and glide through the air, she makes these swings look so inviting. This angle makes me feel like a kid, running up to swings that seem so large, like something I can fly on.

Or rest your head on the grass and gaze up, daydreaming into the dreamy blue sky. Watching the pussy willows yield to the breeze, let your mind wander and enjoy.

If you are like me and can't get enough of Newport trot over to shugirl's etsy site and take in the scenery. Did I mention, she has more to offer than Newport? I am just smitten!