I walked into a cafe...

armed with necklaces and earrings eagerly looking for a man wishing to buy his wife a necklace. I had been contacted through etsy by this fellow who came across my tent at the Providence Open Market. He told me that his wife loved my jewelry and he couldn't wait to buy her something of mine. Needless to say I was so very excited to be remembered and sought out for this special occasion, a five year anniversary celebration.
In the spirit of supporting local, independent artists, we met at White Electric Coffee owned by a fellow etsian and her husband. This is perfection, finding a new cafe, supporting independent business and selling my jewelry all at once.

I found my fellow and sat down, ready to get to business. Immediately I am drawn to the beautiful hand-picked zinnias on the table. As my customer studies my necklaces and labors over making a decision (I have been warned by him that this would happen and I decide I must have too many beauties to choose from) I notice that the walls are covered in a decorated sheet metal so retro and lovely I think I may drool. Did I really forget my camera?

There are floods of people swarming. Open laptops, unofficial business meetings, jewelry sales and people seeming to love this cafe are all about. Some are at tables and others in lovely red retro chairs. Then I spot a flyer announcing the use of biodegradable cups.

"saving the earth, one cup of coffee at a time"

I need to buy something and contribute but I also need to focus on my mini sale and answer the questions this fellow has about the beads I use. A decision is made. All other extraneous jewelry is put back home in it's box. I am quite pleased with his decision. An olive jade/serpentine vine necklace, the one that I wear daily, it accompanied me to this very business venture.

Once his necklace of choice has been placed in a box, made of 100% recycled materials and tied closed with a green ribbon he is off to take on his role of father. I walk back into the cafe, buy a delicious iced red tea and am pleased with my day. But there is one more surprise, the cup isn't plastic, it is made of plants, renewable. Even my cold drink saved the world by one cup.