Rough Sketch to Finished Piece

My interpretation of nature is a major theme in my art form. I set aside some time to make a piece of work which better represents me as an artist. Not that my "production work" doesn't represent me, I have fun playing with different beads concentrating on their colors, shapes and textures. It is metal work, therefore, I love it. But my true passion comes out when more tools come out. I love noise: the hissing torch, bubbling flux, the steel of a hammer hitting silver, a saw blade cutting at raw materials... All of this noise means I am more active, more involved, thus, the work is a better representation of me.

I must admit, this is quite a rough sketch. When it comes to drawing I can draw anything put in my line of vision, yet sketching something from my imagination, well, you can see what happens.

So often I forget about the early days of metalsmithing when seeing the raw materials didn't seem to have any resemblance to jewelry. I forget how foreign the basic materials are to the majority. It has been brought back to my attention thanks to some curious visitors in my studio, so I remembered to take pictures of the tubing I used to make the "dew drops" which collect on the fronds.

I hope these inspire the same awe that one would feel upon discovering fronds sprouting up from the earth. And the woman who decorates herself with these earrings should feel just as lively and fresh.

In the end I decided that I would create a finish which represents how the original fronds appeared in my mind, sketchy, hazy and with a satin sheen. Like a fond memory getting cloudy over time.

Staying close to the theme I chose packaging which is made of recycled materials. And you choose from a pink or green ribbon, which I know you will reuse. Maybe as a little bow around the neck of a vase to make that flower arrangement sizzle?