Destination: Craftland in Downcity Providence

After a deep sigh of relief, I boxed up my lovely wares and drove into Providence to deliver my inventory to perpetual Craftland.

Lucky for me I was able to take a peak inside and see all the bits and pieces coming together. Even luckier, I get to be a part of it, my jewelry is there! Every year I have made the journey to their holiday sale to buy some handmade goodness for family and friends. And every year I told myself next year I will be a part of it, as an artist, not just a buyer. This year I found myself with time to work in my studio and some designs to offer. Curiously, I searched the internet for Craftland, hoping to apply for their holiday sale. Instead I found myself applying to their store, which is to remain opened year round. I couldn't be more excited. And my trip into downcity just made me even happier about this new adventure.

After finding some parking I walked down the street to look up and see this...
....I am smitten with the intricate beauty of downcity Providence.

This is the corner of the building which Craftland occupies. Why aren't buildings made with this same attention to detail any longer?

Just in case you need some help finding "a huge space full of glittery magic!"

I thought the street signs may not be enough, this is the address to the new home which displays my work.

As I walked out the door, after meeting all of the nice people working hard on making Craftland sparkle, I looked up and saw potted impatiens and vinca. Dangling behind them are unlit christmas lights, certain to add some sparkle.

Then I glanced down Westminster...
...a smile came to my face. The lovely store fronts aren't bare. The street is lined with cars, trees, plants, beautiful brick and iron grates. Oh, we can't forget the bicycles. I so envy city living, being able to pedal to a destination and to see the sights in the open air, not through a car window. I guess for now, I just have to park a distance away and bring my camera.
With all the bustle, I am content knowing my work will be seen.