another anniversary sale

Last night and into early this morning I was dancing for joy over an etsy sale. I checked my email before going to bed and discovered that I sold a necklace. When I read my entire email there was a message which planted a smile on my already happy face.

"Beautiful design. This is for our silver wedding anniversary later this year. We are both UMD grads, too: she -a math major- and I -a biology major- met in an art history class."

There are so many things to be excited about. An etsy sale, being a part of another anniversary celebration, being on the same etsy team (MSIA) as my buyer and sharing the same status of UMD alumnus. And isn't is adorable that they met in art history class under the many beautiful canvasses of art? I think it is so romantic. The good old art history room in Group Six is always dimly lit, has comfy chairs and plenty of romantic art for the viewing. The perfect place for a budding romance.

For their silver anniversary Mark will be giving his wife, Wendy this beauty of mine.
This seems like the perfect choice for an anniversary celebration. The aquamarine has a silvery look to it. The composition also flows well with marriage. There are lots of twists and turns in the piece, just like marriage, but the strength of the metal and stones hold everything together, just as patience and understanding keep a marriage strong.

Needless to say I think Mark has great taste and I would like to introduce you to his work which I have been complimenting him on through our team forums. He has an amazing knack for creating patinas on his brass and copper forms which he painstakingly shapes into natural designs using punches, hammers and mallets. This is the loud aggressive sort of work I also enjoy making. Out of noise and what seems to be chaos, art is created and it has a fun, calming quality to it.

These are my absolute favorites. The mix of the blue patina on beautifully shaped butterflies makes me wish I had a garden to give them a home to.

I appreciate the complexity of this piece. Adding texture while forming and bending copper is no easy task. The verdigris on Margeurite accentuates her shape and makes her even more beautiful.

Flitter is another wonderful collection. Wonderful detail and color, perfect for your garden.

I guess nature art studio and I have a lot on common. We both love nature, art, and the many shades of blues and greens that metal acquires over time, or with a little help from a knowing metalsmith.