I heart Boston

My heart lies in Boston. I could walk around the city for hours on end and not grow tired of it. Often I get lost and make the same loops only to discover that I noticed something new so it was all worth it. After my SoWa market on Sunday I took a jaunt in the city I love.

First stop was to faneuil hall for Wagamama, if you haven't heard of Wagamama I must introduce you. It is a wonderful restaurant I discovered in London. When you order soup you need a ladle and chopsticks to eat it. Oh, and lots of time because the bowls are huge and full. I am most happy that a Wagamama followed me home a few years after I first laid eyes on it.

Maybe the menu gives you an idea of what we were in for? I am even happy to see the menus again. I am smitten!

The weather was perfect, so much so I sat outside. I was able to enjoy looking at these bubble lights which I always envision when I think of faneuil hall.

So, I neglected to take pictures of the food. I was afraid to scare away the other people at our table. By the way, another great part of the Wagamama experience is you never know who you are going to be elbow to elbow with.

The meal was so very good and I ordered a little of everything vegetarian so I brought my soup home for later. Nothing from here goes to waste. Time to meander and put the left overs in the car.

Can't you see why I am in love with Boston? Little treasures are hidden all over.

When I saw how much fun this boy was having in the fountains I had to stop. He was so happy I smiled for him. That little bugger was hard to catch though!

I turned around to cross the road and venture on to see more of the park and this seemed like an interesting composition so I caught it on camera.
I wonder, is this why we are such crazy drivers?

Pressing on into the park I discovered these sculptures....

...and after much inspection I realized just how playful they were.

Maybe part of the attraction to my love is all of the art Boston has to offer?

One last click of the camera and we are onto the north end. I love this quaint part of town.

Sadly, I wasn't able to capture the quaintness that is the north end. But the streets are lined with white-lighted trees always making the streets festive. I do love it so. The narrow cobblestone streets, brick buildings all packed together, flower boxes sprouting up and the smell of Italian food in the air.

Seeing this sign generally means that I am walking back to my car and will soon be leaving the city I heart.

There are still more lovely things to see, another fountain bringing a park to life. Behind us are people eating and chatting at small cafe-like tables. A little piece of Europe in my Boston.

A final view of faneuil hall before I make my exit.

This time all lit up, shimmering and lovely.

This was a short affair with my love. And I hate to turn away but I know I will return with a sparkle in my eye, looking forward to my next rendezvous with the city I heart.