lovely finds at the open market

This past Sunday I snuck out of my not so busy tent at the open market to take a peak at other vendors goods. And did I fall in love. My first stop was whistling sparrow designs where I discovered upcycled stitched creations. You must know by the description that all of Libby's items are unique, fun and never the same. This is why I am in love, her tent was alive with creativity.

This tank was the first thing to catch my eye. It reminds me of some handmade goodness that I found in London four long years ago. Beautiful bits and pieces of remnants put together to bring life to a shirt that someone else no longer cared for.

Behold, another lovely tank. The theme is so similar but Libby is too creative to keep it the same. I love the newspaper quality to it. There must be a message somewhere...

I adore the rosettes on this tank...

.....and the detail -the layers, tulle, words. Love that she chose to use an elaborate decoration in moderation.

I found my way past the racks of clothes to see some accessories and they are just as lovely. These clutches are wonderful, each having their own perfect detail.

Finally, I discover a display of rosettes. May I mention, I too use kitchen wares to display my work, so don't you think I am just smitten? These are all so different I have no idea how one could chose just one. What I admire most is that this artist will never tire of what she does. We will always have lovely new creations from whistling sparrow designs to look forward to. What will we discover next? I bet it is stitched to perfection and completely fresh.