not your average cigar box

This weekend I had some great company under my tent at the open market so I wasn't up to wandering, just chatting with my cousin who I haven't seen in far too long. Lucky for me I still have some pictures left from my previous venture to SoWa. During my adventures I came across a shop which had the most attractive cigar boxes I have yet to see. Not to mention other recycled boxes and paperweights all decorated with the loveliest of papers and some unique findings.

I gleefully opened this box with the fork handle and smiled. It is adorable. Makes me want to re-write all of my recipes so I can store them in here. What a lovely home this would be for some vegan goodies.

I have really been missing Paris lately. This month made it four years since my first and only trip there. The images of handwriting and postage remind me of all the postcards that I sent while I was there. And the addition of keyhole finding is lovely, reminding me of all the memories of Paris I have locked away. Sigh, what a lovely time in a beautiful place.

Who would think that a cigar box could be inspirational? "Be Fun" is a great motto for life. And maybe, just maybe, the key will lead us to a door with an abundance of fun to be had behind it. Well, that is what I want to believe.

I can't decide which is more appealing, "Fly Fly" or the butterflies. I suppose they are equal, they are free, free to fly to new adventures.

Really, I have never wanted paperweights so much before in my life. I always wondered the purpose. When I saw these, I didn't care, I fell in love. What is the Eiffel Tower, New York City, the butterfly or the flower? It doesn't matter, one of these needs to find a home on my desk. I want to daydream of far away places and of the beauty in nature while I am supposed to be working. Wait! I believe I discovered their purpose after all -inspiration.

This one may just be my favorite. Beautifully sketched botanical drawings, slight hues of deep orange and chartreuse and a butterfly in the deepest of reds. I am in love.

Please take a look at the artist's website. Read about her, browse around, shop, daydream and enjoy.