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There is a great blog which provides free advertising for etsy stores. Everyone behind the scenes volunteers to set up etsy minis to promote other etsians. I was just taking a look at the plethora of blogs I follow and came across the mini blog realized how wonderful an idea this is and I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. I went to take all of the steps to promote my site only to discover that my etsy mini was already there. Guess I have already danced the dance.

so, here it is......
Drop Earrings in Olive Jade and Sterling Silver
Vintage Button Cocktail Ring
Frond Earrings
Large Leaf Earrings in Shell and Sterling Silver
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sharing a page with this lovely shop.....
Tuxedo Coin Ring
Resin Leaf Pendant No. 45 of 100
Dangle Leaf with Peridot Earrings Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Seashell Pendant with chain
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There is more to be offered than advertising, this is a great way to shop. The mini blog does a wonderful job of dividing up the multitude of categories that etsians work in. Oh, and the subcategories are even better with narrowing your search. Support all things handmade at: