another open market, another giveaway

I guess I am addicted. After my first giveaway at an open market I decided it was so much fun that I had to have another one. The best part about the giveaway is when I receive a reply to my email telling the lucky person that they won. 

"NO WAY!! I'm so excited! Thank you." says Betty, aka #12.

So, last time it seemed that my giveaway was lost on my display so I went out and bought some picture frames to try and draw more attention to this fun game. And it worked more than double the amount of people signed up!

Presenting the earrings which were up for grabs....
Small leaf earrings with dancing pearls.

I thought this was really a cute little set up. Who wouldn't want to play?

I just had to share another picture of the earrings, with some more detail. They are oh so elegant! And I love the movement of the pearl.

When Betty opens her package from the post she will discover this pretty package all tied up with a bow.

Speaking of giveaways, you still have time to click on over to Kind Over Matter to enter my giveaway there. There are two things to choose from Go and play!