couture under a tent in a parking lot....a true story

So long ago, back in the steaming hot days of August I strolled into a tent at an open market in Boston and found couture. Once I entered Collier Couture's tent it didn't seem like I was in a parking lot any longer. I was now in a boutique surrounded by the loveliest of dresses and elegantly attired dress forms. It occurred to me that I was about to be attending a wedding and was in need of a dress and I was about to find myself a handmade one at that. 

This is the first dress to catch my eye as this dress form was just outside Deena's tent. And the cut is so irresistible. So, I had to peak inside.

I just love that this is more than the typical black and white dress. The pink highlights in the flowers adds so much life without taking away from the classic form and colors of this dress. A touch of fun! 

Between the pockets and the color I am completely smitten with this dress. I think it screams fun night out with the ladies.

Again, a seemingly classic dress. Spaghetti straps, high waist, but wait, in animal print and still maintaining class. Deena is quite a talented gal. She can really pull off mixing the classical cut with daring fabrics. 

Here is the dress that I nearly left with, Deena was cheering me on to buy it. It is her favorite and I can see why, it is so pretty. The bow seems to wrap up all of the fabric into a lovely little package for one to wear. For me, this dress defines my comfort zone. It is a style that I am automatically drawn to which is why I didn't choose this one. In the boutique of Collier Couture I found unusual cuts, ones that I wouldn't find in stores and really, sometimes a girl needs to step out of her comfort zone and be daring. Even if it is just daring for her. 

So, I opted for a silver dress with pockets. I guess I am just deeply in love with silver, I work with it all day and decided that it was what I wanted to wear above all else to my dear friend's wedding. And for the fidgeter in me, the pockets are perfect. What is a jeweler supposed to do with her hands when she can't bring along a torch or at the very lest some pliers? Place them in pockets. And aren't they such a lovely detail? (And Deena, I am sorry the dress is wrinkled. The photo was taken after the event and I had been sitting in a car for some time.)

Can you tell that I love this dress? And I was lucky enough to come across the shoes in Quincy Market the week earlier after a jaunt to my favorite Wagamama. For a girl without a plan I think the whole outfit came together. Now I just need another event to wear this too. It is so comfortable and adorable. So, any up for throwing a party? Or maybe I will just wear it one day and make my own celebration.

Another great discovery about Collier Couture is the website. I will give you a little sample before you click on the link. There is the most classy and yet adorable clothes hanger juxtaposed on the name of the company and it sways ever so slightly. But that is just the beginning. After the home page you discover the dresses which Deena has designed and crafted. And she reminds us "everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway." So no special occasion necessary, just take a peak at the lovely dresses and make your own event to wear it to. If you are looking for something timeless and unique you will not be disappointed.