out of the woods and into the city

Sorry I have been absent from blogging, I have missed it so very much but life took over as it often can. Callie and I have left the woods and moved to the city. Well, as big as a city can get in my tiny state! This is something I have always wanted to do. As far as Callie, the berner, goes, well I wasn't sure if she felt the same way I did until the first night in the apartment came along. This night was also the first night she went for a walk on a leash in quite some time, normally this woodsy gal was let outside to explore on her own. It has become evident that she too is smitten with the city after just a few evening and morning outings. So far, the tail has not gone down, not an inch. This means complete happiness in the world of Callie. 

This morning I decided the time has come to document some of our adventures. I was inspired by the colors of fall.

Callie is also fond of the leaves, even more so than I am. I miss her being a fifteen pound puppy and tunneling through the leaves with such excitement as she popped up somewhere else to look up at me, do a little dance and jump back in for more.

My lady fancies herself a mountain goat. She is most excited when invited up on a wall or bench and her new favorite....a fountain, located in the center of the park. She always walks gracefully along the edge with the tail wagging full speed.

We explored much of the park this morning and I think my girl knew we were on our way home. Seems she decided this bush would make for some good camouflage in the hopes that I would leave her in the park for a longer adventure. Who am I kidding? As much as she likes to explore, she loves to be by my side even more.

I like to take the long way home. The street which runs parallel to mine has some lovely houses with gorgeous gardens. Still green and in bloom. 

Oh, how I love Zinnias! Unless I planted these in the woods we lived in I would never find them on a jaunt around the old neighborhood. The city is full of surprises.....

...like these lovely steps. Leading the way through a well gardened front yard and onward to a cozy home.

Me and my mountain girl will be happy here.