autumn flowers captured on a Providence stroll

I have been lucky enough to come across some beautiful buds still rich in color while on my daily walks with my four legged lady. I love the colors that autumn brings but I can do without the crispness and shorter days. For now I will just have to embrace what is still blooming. I have a sneaky feeling that these forms and colors are going to be brought back to life in my studio this winter as I delve into some new enamel work. 

Part of the attraction to brown eyed susan's is the vibrant yellow shooting up as dull golden leaves fall to the ground. The best part is the plethora of blooms creating a blanket of tuscan yellow.

Here is to the hope that there will still be weeks of walks full of blooms in my future.

I couldn't have gotten luckier with this picture. While I was trying to get my iPhone's camera to focus on this cosmo my lovely lady tugged at her leash causing me to move and not get the original picture. After getting her to sit and stay I went back to discover a bee busy at work. So, I am glad my lady can't always sit perfectly still. I would never have gotten this shot. Have you ever seen such a striking cosmo? Love the stark contrast of deep purple and white.

About a two and a half minute walk from home is India. This restaurant is a feast for the eyes. The gardens are lovely, the fountains are dreamy to listen to, I always smile as I walk by everything is alive with color. And the sky was such a pretty backdrop for this potted beauty.

This tree amazes me. I believe the random bends and twists of this composition will certainly show up in my designs once I get myself settled at the bench to prepare for the upcoming holidays.

I thought a close up of this sunflower would be the composition of choice. Capturing the one stray petal, like a piece of hair stuck in your eyelashes with the rest of the petals looking like a wild mane. But I stepped back....

...and realized that there was personality in the gesture of the flower's leaves. I can't decide which one I prefer. Can you?