I'll take it all, please

Since the snow and ice have started to melt into puddles of mud and the ground went from frosty white to brown while still being winter I have decided, I want it all.

In the spring I want to see daffodils, tulips and muscari bursting forth, while other life starts to bud from the ground and trees. Leaves growing while flowers collect energy to burst in the summer, hints of life all about.
(These are tête-à-têtes from my old garden. May I mention that they found their way home with me from Amsterdam...)

Summertime needs to be full of lilies, allium, and growing annuals prepared for the warm sun and long days. Rain should be sparing, just enough for the grass to be green and the flowers to bloom. And, oh, the blue ocean and the smell of the breeze flowing over it. Hhhmmm, that is summer to perfection.
(Some hibiscus I photographed while walking the waterfront in Tiverton, RI.)

In autumn, the still green grass is to be littered with golden, crimson, brown and rust leaves. Well... some leaves need to stay on the trees too. We need some color to spice things up while the days become shorter. Not only are the colors of autumn beautiful, natures preparation for winter is also beautiful. Leaves change color and push from the trees to protect the trees from the winter while they gain strength to grow in the seasons ahead.
(Leaves I stumbled upon on a Providence stroll.)

And for our cold, long winters which brings the nighttime to us sooner, we need some snow to reflect the little sun we have. We need to see some white to wash away the the lack of life in nature. A constant dusting would be perfect. Just enough to accentuate the trees contrasting the bright blue sky and to cover the sandy streets and naked grass or a stone path...
(Stone walkway from another providence stroll.)

I am not asking for much, just to be able to live entirely within the seasons... and to have them change in a snap!