One Lazy Friday....

led me to browsing the internet and joining the Slow Readers Book Club, the brainchild of a lovely blog named This book club isn't specifically for slow readers, as all readers are welcome. The name brings our attention to the speed with which we live our life and spend our downtime. It reminds us to slow down, appreciate life, love and take in all that is around us. Not only is this the perfect theme to a book club but to every tiny bit and piece of our lives. It is based on the slow movement, and now that I have read just a teaser about the slow movement I will now be adding "slowness" to my list of ways to improve the new year.

Aside from this perfectly themed book club there are beautiful buttons to spread the cheer and remind us that books are to be appreciated inside and out. 

Here's to a healthy start to a new year, a new life.