Craftopia application: signed, sealed & delivered

Finally I hit the print button to be able to fill out my application to Craftopia. I have had the document open on my desktop for weeks thinking, I will make new pieces and photograph them, all to dazzle the judges. Since weather warnings and not feeling well kept me from these ventures I decided to try and take better photographs of the work I have. 

I have been making these "dash of color" earrings for a while now. They debuted at Craftland and have yet to be released on the internet so I guess they may be new to some of you. These are sweet little experiments in color through enameling. Sometimes they are one big dash of color and other times they are a dash of color splashed with a tiny sample of a complimentary color. They are so fun and I couldn't make two pairs the same if I wanted to. {for the curious minded, the color part sits against your ear lobe and the silver wire hangs gracefully from behind your lobe}

And my old favorite, a vintage button ring. Once again, no two can be the same. This one is no longer in my possession, it currently resides in Australia. {read more here} I am sure it is quite happy there! I know I am happy it has found a loving home. 
here is what the owner had to say: 
Hello Kim,

I got the ring today. It is lovely. I'm wearing it right now!
Hope my order is the first of many from abroad.
Thanks again,
...I think she is smitten!!

And these lovely frond earrings have yet to find a home. Maybe they are intimidating? Maybe my photographs have been poor? I did a little shooting today and I hope I caught them in a better frame.

Wish me luck on Craftopia!!