Laura Bucci giveaway at curls and coffee

I come spreading the joy and goodness of a giveaway over at curls and coffee. The artist of honor is  Laura Bucci I discovered her work while searching on etsy for an unusual cozy to fit around my travel mug. Yes, it seems strange to get a cozy for a travel mug, but my stainless steel mug didn't have a rubber sleeve on it and it kept trying to wiggle through my mittened hands. It is most important that I have my morning tea in full, no spills allowed.

Now, onto what is to be given away...
Adorable and functional, made with great attention to detail of luscious fabric remnants and hand stamped of the artists own design.

Laura Bucci's items scream ecofriendly, reusable sleeves versus disposable cardboard, fabric remnants saved from the trash and her products are washable. I adore the themes of the scooters and bicycles. To me it is a suggestion, a gentle push toward reducing your carbon footprint, reminding us that we need to get out in the fresh air.

So click over to curls and coffee and enter this giveaway in every way you possibly can. I promoted this shamelessly to support a great artisan.