care package from etsy with love

This is a bit of a secret! I have recently been browsing etsy to put together a care package for a loved one. Everything finally came in and I can't wait to send it off. {Well, with all of the rain we are getting I can wait a few days to drop it off to the post.} I thought that I would share these great finds from artists who also have the politeness, etiquette and fun it takes to be a good seller.  

I immediately think of Heather Jeany when I am on the hunt for some great paper goods. A fellow Craftlander and lover of Providence with an eye for fun illustrations. A great combination for a paper artist. 

I adore these bike cards. It seems such a subtle way of reminding people to pedal whenever they can. And seeing this bike reminds us of fun summer days of our childhood, great inspiration for getting on our bikes again. 

This card recalls summer celebrations in Bristol, RI to the maker. But won't it recall fun summers in locations all over the world for just about everyone? Okay, I am ready for summer now!

So, this is just a small dose of Heather's designs. Go visit her etsy site for more gocco printed goodness. 

After going straight to the artist who I knew would have what I was looking for I started to search etsy knowing there would be lots of lovely paper artists out there. 

Next came Michelle Brusegaard and it was ever so difficult to focus on just paper goods in her shop. The scarves, dish towels, napkins, tunics, skirts, totes & paintings are equally lovely.  But I stayed strong for the time being and shopped only for the loved one. 

These teeny notes are so sweet. Sometimes you just want to pass on well wishes or a simple I Love You. I love her choice of teal for the peacock feathers, it is a perfect contrast to the chartreuse envelopes. 

This peacock is so intricate and beautiful with subtle dashed of teal and rust to accentuate it's beauty. Perfect for a little note of admiration. 

Please do remember to look at all of Michelle's beautiful creations, paper goods are just the beginning.

I haven't been drooling over just stationery, my new attraction is to address labels and etsy is filled with some pretty great decor for you envelopes.

Just as I wiped the drool off my face with some unlucky results for labels I was reaching for a tissue again. Bohtieque surfaced in my long search.
Their work has a simplicity that I love. Subtle hues with one main color popping just a little. And their images have a sketchy quality, not at all overpowering but delicate and still worthy of appreciation. It gives the labels a personal quality, as if someone sat and sketched these designs just for you. 

Bohtieque has wonderful customer service, I can't believe how quickly they got back to me so I could proof the address I had sent them. And they were ever so willing to send me images for a "deliver to..." matching label. I wish I had an image of that label to share with you, it is simply beautiful. 
{in case you were wondering, this is Bohtieque's image, i am not giving away the identity of the recipient of these lovely paper goods!}

Since I love options, and don't want to completely impose all of my preferences on a loved one I continued the label search for some more beautiful work.

Le Petit Papetier was the final shop to catch my eye. Most of her work is for weddings but she shares her beautiful images for those of us just looking to pretty up our stationery. And for this, I am delighted and grateful. 

There are so many simply lovely themes in her store but I am most smitten with her peonies, as I hope my loved one will be. The thistle and bloom themes are equally lovely as are the people named themes. This is such a small sample of what she has to offer so please do look at Le Petit Papetier's shop. You will be smitten.
{this isn't another slip up, my loved one is not the return address here either. don't you just love the font?}

I can't wait to package this all up and send it off once the sun decides to come out. For now I still have it all to admire.