etsy finds for pretty packaging

I spent the day home recovering from a sinus infection. Since I am not in the studio I found another way to get work done. So, my search began for ric rac and baker's twine which will be used to decorate my jewelry boxes. And, oh my, was my shopping experience ever fun. 

After looking over oh so many pages of results I settled on these items. And I can't wait to get them in!
This baker's twine is from Olive Manna. I loved the blue so much that I bought two spools.
I am certain that the red and brown will be loved equally. By the way, I made these items irresistible for you to purchase. There is a link to Oliva Manna's store and each photo is linked to the specific item in her shop. Click away.

Now onto ric rac. Goodness did I get carried away here!

This lonely spool from PolkaDot Strawberry was an easy add to basket. When do I turn down any shade of green, especially jade? This is a small sample of what she offers so click on over to her shop and find a color you love.

Now, down to my final four in the ric rac category. 

These delicious rolls of ric rac in plum, fuchsia, turquoise and olive are from Beautiful Additions. Her etsy store is filled to the brim with colorful trimmings and fixings. 

Have fun getting stocked up and all of your finishing touches for your packaging. The sun is shining and staying out longer, open markets are fast approaching.