happy st. patrick's day to all

Today is so bright and cheery and I found myself looking through photos of Québec. My time spent there was full of late autumn sunshine warming my skin before winter came. Seems I had already taken some pictures suitable for today.

Québec may have many dreary winter months but they know how to add color to their façades to liven things up and help you get through a dark winter. I am so in love with this sign, maybe because my last name is O'Brien?

I hope to find myself at an Irish pub like this one tonight {sadly it won't be this one in Québec} drinking a pint of Guinness from the tap. I would have it no other way. If you are in the Pawtucket/Providence area look for the brown haired girl with freckles and a green shirt saying "everyone loves an irish girl" and wish her a Happy St. Patrick's Day. You will be certain to get a huge smile in return.

Enjoy yourselves, drink some good hearty beer and feel the luck of the Irish today. And be safe. 

Love, this little irish lass.