help the environment through your blog

Today I received a direct message from Ixpo through twitter. It was a mere request to make my blog carbon positive. It is as easy as adding this button below to a column on your blog, write a post about the project and send Ixpo the link.....                                              

Get Carbon Positive With Ixpo
....and they plant a tree to offset your blog.

Pretty great, huh? I didn't want to stop here with the copying and pasting part. I wanted to know more about the damage I am doing with my blog and sure enough they have done the research. In case the little hippie in you doesn't just jump on the bandwagon I will tell you why this is oh so important.

For ye ole small time bloggers, attracting less than 15,000 hits per month we generate 3.5 kg of carbon each year. When you consider that there are 200 million blogs in the world it starts to add up to about 700,000 tons of carbon in the atmosphere every year. Seems that our hobby or livelihood may be hurting us and not helping us. 
So, how does this little tree help? It is estimated that your tree will help to remove 10 kg of carbon per year making your blog carbon positive by 6.5 kg. But the big picture is, if all 200 million blogs added this cute button, blogged about it and had a tree planted then us bloggers would help REMOVE 2.1 million tons of carbon each year.

Imagine all the people.......sharing all the world.........