my fetish with object fetish

I love being saturated with images of jewelry. Seeing how other artists use the same materials in different ways, or how they problem solve in their fabrication process. Aside from taking in the beauty of the objects, I have become fascinated with what makes the pieces come together to form an earring, ring or necklace. Then I wonder what can I learn from the images before me? What draws me to admire these pieces and what can I make that will cause admiration?

Seeing the work of April Higashi on object fetish made me realize that I need to step away from the traditional when it comes to using enamels. 
I get so carried away making certain the finish on my enamel is like glass, however, in my perfection I leave behind some hidden qualities of enamel that I love. April chose to keep her enamels in the sugar coat state, making the white appear crystalized, adding texture to the bold color. 
There is more to these earrings than the texture of the enamel. The tiny hinge attaching the ear wire to the setting the enamel sits on is simply beautiful. It allows for subtle movement, a chance for light to allow the viewer to pick up the texture of the enamel. 

I walk away from the picture of these earrings reminding myself to keep all of the techniques I learned in mind. Hinges don't need to be saved for boxes, enamel doesn't need to look like glass, prongs aren't just for holding faceted stones. Metalwork is versatile, you just need to keep our bag of tricks handy. Now, to put all of this into practice so I can make something worthy of awe.