Grand Re-Opening

I am currently taking a little break from the grand re-opening of my etsy shop. It is so exciting, I am finally getting my new work out on the internet. It has been done for a while and made it's debut in Craftopia this month but today most of my new items will be available online. Hooray!

So, here are some photographs but I would LOVE for you to take a look at my shop too. 

Here are my bitty earrings. They made of scrap pieces of silver. I just can't waste a speck, so I made these itty bitty earrings for people to enjoy. They reflect light and color and are fun to wear.

I heart enamels! My favorite part is playing with color combinations so I designed some earrings to show off my experiments. 

My frond earrings are an old favorite. I took new photos of them in the hopes of showing off their beauty. I suspect there will be a small series of these in the future. I can't wait to see them all together.

Another oldie. I wasn't going to continue my vine necklace series but it seems this one in particular isn't ready to be retired. I won't complain, vine necklaces are made from recycled silver and this one {olive jade} was always my favorite.

My enameled poppy earrings are a blend of my old style with my new passion for enameling everything. Bold, bright poppies hang from a delicately shaped ear wire. I can't wait to get some more color combinations together. Maybe there will be more ear wire shapes in the future?

I would love feedback on my grand re-opening. Constructive criticism welcome.

xo, Kim