new work, new market season

The first market of the season has come and gone. This has brought along a sense of anxiety, as the market season will be a long one this year, and a sense of relief. I put my new displays, work and packaging out for the shoppers to see and I got myself many compliments {especially on my teeny, square new business cards!}. So, all of my hard work seemed to pay off, ahh.. another sigh of relief. 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had been browsing antique stores for displays. And I had a blast in my search efforts.

Not finding everything I wanted in an actual store I also searched etsy for my letterpress drawer. What would I do without etsy?

The finds from the antique stores needed some love and kindness to become the perfect displays for me.
I didn't mind, I love looking through paint squares at home depot just as much as I love to mix bold colors together to make one great piece!

Now, for the big reveal..... displays in action at the first market. 
{not to mention, my new packaging, gift wrap and earring cards!!}

I do love how this all came together for me. I must admit, there wasn't much of a plan when I started collecting these items so I am lucky everything came together. My theory is that if I like one thing then everything else I get will look perfect with it because I picked it all out. Might be silly but it makes for less stress while gathering all of the bits and pieces from different places. 

I had so much fun playing with colors, making new cards and price tags and designing new work. Now, I just need to get designing more to fill up my lovely letterpress drawer. More rings are in order!

What part of market preparation do you love?