welcome spring!

Today Callie and I welcomed spring. We took a walk around Providence to some lovely stores on Hope Street with the mission of finding birthday presents for our beloved and greatly missed Miss Freja. Our Swedish gal turned three today and we are just a bit behind in shopping. Don't worry, we found some great surprises to make up for this. 

On our way to buying the usual, yet unusual, handmade presents I kept my vow to photograph everything in bloom. 
I love seeing our city streets lined with these pretty {yet poorly fragranced} blooming trees. Don't the tons of teeny flowers look beautiful against the vibrant sky?

This bloom is from a sapling that was just planted along a row of other trees lining the street. 

I am unable to resist tulips. This photograph reminds me of all of the tulip bulbs I hauled back from Amsterdam. Out of over a hundred bulbs of mixed colors about ninety percent of them were red. At first I was a little angry to think that I had bought extra luggage to bring home red tulips but after a few springs it seemed like a funny joke that I had between me and Amsterdam.

This little patch of flowers is in front of a cute little house which leaves dog biscuits and water out on their front stoop for the doggies passing by. While I enjoy the flowers Callie enjoys the treats. It is a perfect combination.

I am so happy to have stumbled along dogwood which had just burst. I am in love with these trees, so much so that I have a dogwood boutonniere all sketched out waiting to be made from silver.

These frilly pink blooms remind me of a tree I use to climb near my grandmother's house. When the tree bloomed my cousin and I would shake the petals off the branches and onto out uncle's car parked below. After we vandalized his car with petals we would climb the tree, she more gracefully than I. 

Callie and I loved our spring day. The walk was refreshing, the stores full of beautiful items and the boulangerie had delicious coffee. Now it is late and time for bed. Callie is snoring and I want to cuddle.