my travels, red doors captured through a lens

While taking in our neighborhood I came across a red door and fell in love. I vowed to myself I will one day own a house and have the front door painted in the brightest hue of red I could find. I refrained from taking a picture as I live just a few short minutes away. But to give you an idea of why I am so smitten I will share some photos of others folk's doors. 

Here are some photos I captured while in Québec last autumn. 

Colorful doors, window trims, shutters and rooftops are plentiful in lovely Québec City. As are window boxes and plant pots oozing with flowers. They know how to spice things up in a place known for long, dreary winters.  

How I wonder what is behind these doors. Maybe a a lovely garden, a brick patio.....

And what do we think is behind this door? Bright furniture, pretty wallpaper, lovely book shelves....

It is fun to make up what lies behind such bright doors. I always imagine homes are rich in color, full of books and odd pieces of beautiful furniture. 

What would you like to find behind these doors?