an etsy shop update

I decided to spend some time on my etsy shop this week. I hear that artists make a living off of etsy while some grab a few sales here and there. For me, etsy has been a website to put on my business card. Most of my sales have been due to supplies I wanted to get rid of. There have been a few jewelry sales here and there but not enough to finally kick that old nasty habit of a day job. 

Here is my new work...

I have been having so much fun enameling! The results are worth standing in front of a 1450 degree kiln. These poppies are inspired by those gorgeous white anemones you see with the dark blue centers. 

I needed to change my rings up a bit, so I went for shine and reflections of light and color. This is a smoky quartz bead riveted to one of my square bands. I love how light dances around on this ring!

Bitty earrings are back. Oxidized and scratched. Aren't they cute?

This rings has been around for a while now. When I took photographs for the re-opening of my etsy shop I realized I only photographed the square pod ring. So, here is the round one. Hope you like it.

More bitty earrings, this time punched from a hand textured sheet. These are a great seller at the open markets.

Just like white irises with purple centers. I love playing with this transparent purple. It fires chartreuse when white enamel isn't applied first. Unpredictable and fun. 

You caught me, this is an old style. I had to re-list it because it just seems to pretty not to have in my shop. Especially during the height of wedding season. Wouldn't these be perfect for bridesmaids?

Go on now, click on the photos and peek at them in my shop. Maybe select something as a present. {It is still a present even if it is for you!}

thanks for reading and looking.
xo, Kim