i am a designer metalsmith & artisan

It seems that not a sale goes by where at least four people ask me if I am the artist, or the designer, or jeweler as I greet people from behind my work. I often wonder the reason. Is it because I look young, too young to make stuff? Or because I am a girl so I probably don't have the tools necessary to make jewelry? Maybe it is because they are so use to buying mass produced items and aren't familiar with meeting the designer? Whatever the reason, it made me decide to label myself. 

In a cute manner, of course! 

.....And onto the reason I chose my labels....
I decided on the label "designer" as I do indeed design my jewelry in the manner stated in the definition.... 
designer |dəˈzīnər|nounperson who plans the formlook, or workings of something before its being made or built, typically by drawing it in detail 

One label down, now onto whether or not to choose metalsmith or jeweler. Once I looked at the definitions I knew the proper label right away.
jeweler |ˈjoō(ə)lər| ( Brit. jeweller)nouna person or company that makes or sells jewels or jewelry.

.........So, I make jewelry and I sell it but there is so much more to the process...........


metalsmith, often shortened to smith, is a person involved in making metal objects. In contemporary use a metalsmith is a person who uses metal as a material, uses traditional metalsmithing techniques (though not necessarily the material), whose work thematically relates to the practice or history of the practice, or who engages in any number metal related activities.

Metalsmith suits me best. I feel that jeweler is limited. When I study the definition it seems a jeweler could just be a person who only sells jewelry, and this is not true of me. I hammer metal for texture, form it, shape it and bend it. I texture metal with a scribe or foredom. I add color with semi-precious stones and enamel. I anneal, solder, fuse and ball metal. There is more to this list but we are talking about labels, aren't we?

Next up is artisan. 
artisan |ˈärtizən|nouna worker in a skilled trade, esp. one that involves making things by hand.
artisannounartisans from around North America will demonstrate their crafts craftsman, craftswoman, craftsperson; skilled worker, technician;smith, wright, journeyman; archaic artificer.
Perfect! That is me!

Just as I struggled over labels, I struggled with the design of my shirt. I suppose the designer in me came out. I found some old printed sheets of iron on transfers. They were covered with my drawing of a lady bird beetle. And they were just aching to crawl over my shirt. 
There is one on the back too. I think it is a cute shirt and not too shabby for my first go of it. Maybe it will be a conversation starter. Hopefully, it will lower the number of questions asking if I am the designer or artist. 

What labels do you give yourself? Do others force you to label yourself? Do you find yourself trying to prove that you are the artist or designer?