i {heart} enamels: more new work and inspiration

I left the studio on Friday feeling accomplished. All of my new pieces were finished for Craftland, plus I had new work to display under my tent. It seems I get along with this new work schedule. One full day in the office and the rest of the time in my studio. I am happier and more productive. Life is bliss!

All I have seen lately are the walls of my studio and that is where I have found inspiration. 

Lichen green is subtle and pretty. The background of the photo above is so soothing and I wanted to recreate that feeling in these earrings.

Specks of color can be fun too. The white of the petals can be seen in most of my recent enamels. I have been using it as a canvas instead of plain silver. It creates a sense of depth and texture. I am smitten with color.

I have been studying the warm colors in this photograph. How the orange compliments the yellow in the wings of the butterfly, making it more vibrant.

Playing with color is fun. Enamels are my adult box of crayons. I can use the color straight from the packet or play around with layers of color or introduce a few specks of a contrasting color. 

For now, I will keep having fun with my color explorations. It seems you like them too! I can't keep some of the colors or styles around for long but I won't ever complain about people loving my work!