i {heart} enamels: new work and inspiration

Lately, I have been spending my time in front of a 1450 degree fahrenheit kiln sifting and firing enamels. My canvas has been fine silver circles dapped into cups, some with ear wires attached and some with holes, waiting for ear wires once they are finished. My inspiration has been photographs of nature.

For some time now, I have been studying this picture trying to decide how I will capture these colors in enamel. I love the subtle color variations. When you think the petal has finally gone to white you see the palest of blues or the faintest yellow.
{Please excuse the poor quality, this is a photograph taken of a magazine.}

Here are the first few layers of color. It seemed too subtle with white and transparent lilac with areas of light chartreuse. Out came the opaque purple so I could add a dash.

I do love the result but I feel that the inspiration was lost. This is a whole lot of color and lacking in the subtle changes that I had admired. But this is a constructive criticism on my ability to become too enthusiastic with sifting color. I will accept these and try something new next time. That is what I love about this design, they are made to be experiments in color, no two the same. 

.....Onto the next photo of inspiration.....

How I love lady beetles! Isn't the quote sweet too? Oh, I am getting side tracked. What I am really looking at are the colors and how they contrast each other. I tried to capture the lovely orange red which jumps off the green leaf.

I feel I was more successful in capturing my inspiration on these poppy earrings. My favorite part about these is that the color properly reflects their name. It isn't always the case for me because I get taken away by the world of color, but sometimes it is nice to be able to paint your own landscape isn't it?

Soon enough, I will have a few more pairs made and they will find a place at Craftland. But only for a little while until they find themselves a caring home.