silver lining earrings, another pair of waste not earrings filled with hope

I am sure you read my post where I declared myself to be of an eco-friendly mind and conscious. {If not, get reading:  /kobrienjewelry/2010/06/bitty-earrings-because-every-little-bit.html} I decided to play around with the discs I had punched from scraps of silver. It seemed like fun to pile a few together, layering the little circles into a composition. No matter how I arranged the little bits of silver around they took on the form of clouds. I happily soldering them in place and later soldered a post onto them. When I got to the finishing stages I had brought them to a shine. After reflecting on them for a few minutes I decided to darken them with a patina. It seemed fitting, as sometimes you need to see through the darkness to gain some hope.

I love the meaning of the phrase "silver lining" and the glimmers of hope that come with it. Everyone has their own grey times to get through with notions that good times are to come. It is different for each person. These earrings will hold a new meaning to each person who comes across them. I love that an object which is so little can have various meanings of importance. 

So, take a look at them in my shop by clicking on the image above. Just know that these will not be made to order. It isn't every day that I have scraps of silver to make these from. However, it should happen often enough as I saw my way through projects.