a touch of class : repurposed chandelier crystals

For some time now I have had my eye on some chandelier crystals I found thrift shopping. Just a few short weeks ago an idea came to me. I could use the crystals to make jewelry. I had thought of wrapping the crystals to some chain, but that isn't quite my style. So, I grabbed a face shield and my torch to see if the crystals could with-stand heat. And they did just fine! 

I made jump rings which re-iterated the shape of the crystals. Next, I played around with the chains to see how and where they would attach to the crystals. Once all of the soldering was done I oxidized the chains to bring out the patterns in them. 

Quite pleased with the outcome, I placed an order for more chain, with many more designs in mind. 

Now, I wait patiently for my order to arrive because there is so much more to get out of my head. It was a fun little project and made me realize that I need to make at least one new design a week. Simple or extravagant, I need to get something new out of my head and into metal. I feel refreshed and more like an artist, better ready to face the hours of soldering ahead. 

What projects do you have which are refreshing? or fulfilling? Please do share.

xo, Kim