welcome spring! day on the farm edition

Just a few weekends ago we celebrated my mother's birthday on the farm. {The Shy Brother's Farm that is.}  We went for a stroll through the fields and on shell covered paths through neighboring land. It was fun to meet up with the ladies of the field while we were walking. I know that Callie enjoyed it, she loves meeting cows and tries to get to know them better so she can do her job and herd those unruly ladies. 

So, here are some pictures of the home of Shy Brother's Farm, where the milk comes from for Hannahbells and Cloumage cheese. It is popular here in Providence with many high end eateries carrying the cheese on their menus. Now you know the care taken for the entire process.

Beautiful irises line a stone wall near the farm house on Adamsville Road. I can't believe I forgot to take some of these home. But I will always have this lovely photograph of them.

Here are some of the ladies behind Hannahbells and Cloumage Cheeses, trying to decide if they want to say hello.

I am always so surprised at how clean these cows are. I just love how they are happily roaming the fields. Whenever we come upon them it seems like we are disturbing their mischief. 

The shell paths were lined with ferns, just beginning to unroll and spread out. 
{May be some inspiration for new work!}

We came across the occasional tractor and piece of farm machinery. The liven the place up with some color. These tires are a mere few inches shorter than my 5'3".

Behind the rows of newly planted corn you can see the house where a beloved neighbor was born. This photo seems so far away from Westport, MA.
{Aren't the clouds amazing?} 

I do love seeing this turbine here every time I visit. I think turbines are sexy.

So, all of you locals who graze on the Shy Brother's cheese, are you happy to see how lovely the land is and how happy the cows are? After seeing some new articles over the last week it seems we should all be happy that there is such a loving family who takes great care of their cows and land. Now stop reading and go buy more cheese.