brewing coffee european style

I have been on the prowl for the perfect method of brewing coffee. My sister-in-law suggested I try a Moka Pot. I gave in this week {after being tired of drinking sludge produced from my french press} and took a trip to the Coffee Exchange to get me one. Of course I went with the snazzy, Made In Italy one, because the pots are just so sexy in stainless steel {says the metalsmith in me}.

It takes more time to brew this way. Enough time to allow me to play with my hipstamatic app on my iPhone to capture my sexy new pot. I just love the retro appeal of this photo. 

Back to the coffee, I am finding this method to be quite strong. Maybe it is the new bean I tried too. I will master it though. It is a method which stood the test of time and I will get the knack for it. Promise.

How do you like your coffee? Do you ever change it up, just a smidgen? I do, it keeps things fun.

Keep Sweet!
xo, Kim