midnight madness on etsy

Monday night, or shall I say early Tuesday morning, I received a lovely email from etsy telling me that I had a sale. Well, two sales really. It seems that a lady in New York City loves her enamels, and has an eye for blue.

These were a fairly new addition to my shop. I think they will be happy with their new home.

These morning glory earrings have been around for quite a while now. I know they were growing tired of being schlepped around from market to market. New York City will be a welcome destination.

Before the departure I made sure the enamel gleamed and the ear wires were shaped to perfection. 

All tied up with a bow {blue of course} along with a hand-written thank you card. The package is complete and antsy to be on it's way.

Sometimes it is sad to not have work around that I was use to seeing. But it makes me happier to have someone love my work enough to make it theirs forever.