SoWa Sundays and my happy return to Providence

This weekend I made my way to Boston for SoWa.  It was terribly hot and I didn't last under the tent. In the end, it just wasn't worth the trip. Not enough in sales and a sick me just doesn't make it worth packing up my tent and goods. It isn't how I like to visit Boston. Generally, I don't like to leave because I never feel like I got to see it all. Only seeing signs of home made me feel better yesterday.

Sightings of Narragansett Electric Company's stacks always means home is near. 
The silhouette is a great contrast to the sky. The clouds look like they are rushing by.

The lights weren't on yet at the electric company, at night it lights up in a golden yellow. It is a great sight but I will take the blue sky too.

This picture is just like my memory of the stacks, blurred and whizzing by as I get even closer to home.

What makes you think of home? Do you stop and capture it on film (or your phone)?