welcome summer! flowers are in bloom!

This week has brought some dreadfully hot weather to us. I feel like I am in Vegas running from one air conditioned place to the next. Seems like I won't ever want to turn my kiln on to enamel again. Even through all of this complaining I did get outside to capture some flowers on my iPhone and it was worth it.

This plant has really blossomed in the front yard. I can't tell what it is, maybe lavender? The brick steps behind it provide a nice contrast.

Brown eyed susans are starting to come to life. I love seeing blankets of these. Quite cheerful!

There are more on their way. See the little buds?

This is one lucky shot. Not sure how I managed it will walking my furry lady, but I will take it. I think bellflowers are so cute. They are short with lots of personality.

Keep cool and water your flowers!
xo, Kim