welcome summer! stroll through the neighborhood.

There are so many pretty gardens in my neighborhood. Front yards are filled with lovely, bright blooms. It is always a great adventure when I take Miss Callie for a walk.  Luckily, I always have my phone to take some photos.
I don't know what these white stalks of flowers are called. They look like foxglove but are different from any other plant I have seen. Any ideas? Drop me a comment.

I love the texture the ShakeItPhoto app captured in the birdhouse.  Aren't the honeysuckle in the background pretty?

These are always a favorite. Cheery and all clustered together. 

The oxalis is sitting in my windowsill, not on the streets of the neighborhood. Isn't the sun shining through the purple leaves so pretty?

I am happily enjoying summer. Are you?
xo, Kim