my travels through a tuesdays

Lately I have been itching to travel. I simply need to get out and explore, see new sights or even ones I have seen, they just need some refreshing. I certainly wouldn't turn down a trip to Paris just because I have seen it. When I get really antsy to travel but a trip doesn't seem possible, I start looking through my photos of trips past. There are so many of them just sitting in files on my computer, no notes attached, just images. When I take the pictures, it is all still vivid in my mind so I forget the importance of jotting down the little details. So, for the next trip, I vow to take better notes to store in my travel journal. This will make any revisits to my trip all the more vivid.

Now onto Quèbec! This is the Fountain de Tourny, captured at night.

While returning to the hotel at night I made one more stop to photograph the fountain. I had seen it in daylight. But it seemed more captivating in the darkness of night.

I wish I had taken pictures during the day too. It would have made for a nice contrast. But then the noise and bustling of the day would have gotten in the way. Oh well, I am happy with what I have. 

The figures are perfectly lit. You can see the curves of their form emerging from darkness. The cherub on the top seems like he may jump.

The gesture of the water always makes me awe struck. While the constant noise is soothing.

At night, it seems like the water and the sculpture are two different entities. Yet, they seem to come together divinely.

These are from our Quèbec trip in the fall of 2009. The weather was lovely, nice and warm and not too cool at night. I spent most of the days wandering the cobblestone streets whilst eating pounds of strawberries from the marchè. 

happy travels to you!
xo, Kim