object fetish friday

It is Object Fetish day today which gives me an excuse to browse their pages chock full of lovely jewelry. Page after page after page of breathtaking jewelry. Have you been? If not set aside some time and don't be surprised if you add some pieces to your wish list. 

Today I decided to search through the bracelets and I came across Ciclus' collection. Based in Spain, Ciclus focuses her attention on making sustainable designs. Through her jewelry you can see how her background in industrial and graphic design influences her love for using repurposed materials. 

The photolithograph film reminds me of smoky quartz, dark and shimmery. But the red thread makes this design playful and more everyday. The contrast is surprising yet fun.

The eclipse necklace seems more formal to me. It shimmers like black diamonds and is held together with transparent thread, making the handiwork mysterious. Don't you love the shapes the film takes on in this piece? They seems to dance effortlessly.

And to add a dash of color, Ciclus uses old postcards and flyers to create an enameled effect. The results are bright and bold. In this collection she uses color to replace the shine of her film pieces. 

Ciclus' work is all one of a kind. But it is well unified in shape and color, even in the monochromatic pieces. She knows how to rework the circle and push the limits of function. 

I just can't choose a favorite. They are all so lovely. Well, just need to add some to my wish list.
xo, Kim