object fetish fridays welcomes Amy Tavern

I never know how to begin my search for my artiste  du jour when it comes to searching object fetish. Not that the site isn't user friendly, it is just that everything is so darn pretty. This week searching through brooches I found Amy Tavern

cluster brooch

 The artist poetically describes her work in her bio:
My current studio jewelry, “Line Drawings/Borderlines,” is composed of simple lines and abstract planes that I vary, combine, and layer to create new, interdependent and often interactive spaces and patterns. I strive for a visual interplay between elements, creating pieces in which positive and negative space are equally important. The compositions are inspired by aerial views, simple drawings, and my interest in arrangements and order."

double line bracelet
In the double line bracelet, negative space is created for function. But it is also created in the larger circle framing the smaller one. I enjoy the simplicity of this design and the play on the circle. For me, straying from a perfect form would be difficult and it's this thought that makes me realize that the design really isn't all that simple after all.

large arc earrings
In this piece the negative space is created to interact with the body. Accentuating the wearer's jaw and neck. 

two-piece rectangular stateline earrings
These earrings seems to consume all of the negative space we are use to seeing in Amy's work. She keeps the silver it's original pale white making the piece seem smaller and fainter than the bold and darkened members of this series. We are forced to create our own ideas of negative space, which is in flux as the lower rectangle is able to pivot. 

web earrings
These web earrings are my absolute favorite. The artist starts to play more with the space she created in the largest circle, controlling the negative space we see. She draws with bold, thick lines and directs our gaze to the center and back around again. Making us appreciate every last bit of her design.

To see Amy Tavern's entire collection click here.

xo kim