Today I spent the day under a tent in Portland, Maine selling my jewels at Picnic

The sun was shining, the weather was sweet. 

I bought lots of loot from my neighbor, heatherjeany. And I sold some pieces too. Some favorites, though they were new to me. Like my new funky hoops and dot earrings in Tiffany blue and ruby red. I had my first male customer buy earrings. I sold an old favorite and these cuties I have had for the summer. On top of all of this I sold some real oldies on clearance. So old, they aren't on the internet or in stores any more. There are perks to buying from me in person, aside from my smile and compliments on how great you look in the jewelry I created just for you.

I need to rest up. Tomorrow I explore Portland before leaving for Montreal. More travel pictures coming up.
xo, Kim