welcome summer! eating outdoors in the city

This weekend was really some of the best weather of the summer thus far. High seventies and not humid, pure perfection. After a great day at Indie Arts Fest we spent Sunday taking it slow and enjoying the day. I suppose we just celebrated a Sunday as people do. 

We ate outdoors in the courtyard at Olga's. Even though I could see the brick buildings of the city it seemed like an escape. Surrounded by tall hedges and trees we ate a peaceful lunch. 

There are many beds of plants on the brick patio. Most are herbs that the kitchen uses. But they saved space for some cheery zinnia. 

Such a pretty hue against the white stucco. I am always in awe of the flowers there. So long ago I recall visiting in the end of winter and seeing crocus creep out from under a shallow blanket of snow. I knew then it would be a magical summer getaway. 

basque in the sun!
xo, kim