welcome summer!

Before I share some photos I wanted to let you in on my new blogging schedule. In an effort to keep me posting regularly I came up with some themes I hope you like....

travel tuesdays {photographs and musings from my travels}
welcome summer wednesdays {well, welcome any season}
try handmade thursdays {I will give a little snippet of my try handmade post}
object fetish fridays {I will share photos and my opinion on lovely jewelry}
supermarket saturdays {sharing great handmade finds}

Now onto welcome summer...

While walking to my car I was lucky enough to spot a monarch butterfly flitting through the butterfly bush. So very apropos! 

I don't think that I ever noticed before that monarchs are a brighter orange when their wings are open. I tried to snap a picture before the butterfly landed but it just didn't happen. 

No matter. It was magical to see this butterfly hanging out in the butterfly bush. 

What do you see out in the yard that makes you smile?
xo, Kim